Oglebay Resort Engagement Session |Hilary & Justin

oglebay resort wv engagement photosJust about two months before the the FineLine photo, video, and photo booth crew packs up and heads out to West Virginia, it was finally time to meet the cute couple of Hilary and Justin for their Oglebay Resort WV engagement photos.

First, I have to admit you know the engagement session is off to a great start when the bride-to-be hands you a plate of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip and sugar cookies that she baked herself!

The oglebay resort wv engagement photos were the perfect teaser to the big day since Hilary & Justin’s reception will be taking place at Oglebay with the ceremony being held at Bethany College.

The sky was absolutely perfect and the leaves were in their prime autumn colors. The couple even brought their WVU t-shirts along just to capture a little Mountaineer pride. Several times during the shoot Hilary mentioned she was a gymnast and was up for whatever I could come up with… so I put her to the test and told her to get some air for a nice Mountaineer action shot.

Another highlight of the shoot was Hilary and Justin’s willingness to let me experiment and start off with a cute composite of them posing in multiple spots.


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Hilary and Justin’s Oglebay Resort WV Engagement Photos

Please enjoy Hilary and Justin’s Oglebay Resort WV Engagement Photos slideshow video. If you’d like to wish them congratulations or offer any wonderful marriage advice please feel free to leave your comments and best wishes below!

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About these Oglebay Resort WV Engagement Photos

“Oglebay is a very special place with the perfect canvas to design your dream wedding from start to finish.

A celebrated occasion such as this requires focused attention to detail, impeccable timing and food that will surpass everyone’s expectations. It is our intention to provide a flawless event every time.” – official oglebay website

oglebay resort west virginia

oglebay resort west virginia

oglebay resort west virginia

oglebay resort west virginia


evidence of hilary’s baking skills




  1. Incredible! Can’t wait to see them all. :)

  2. Hey Hillary, just wanted to say AWESOME pics!! You guys look SO happy…wishing you the BEST!! Janet

  3. AWESOME!!! Wishing you both the very best. The photo’s sure capture how happy and blessed you are! Congratulations and God Bless you both as you venture your life together!!!

  4. Absolutely adorable…Love them all..Can’t pick a favorite..xoxoxoxox

  5. Love the photo’s! Very nice!

  6. Great pictures! They are wonderful! You both look so happy!

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