Wedding Videography Samples

Below you will find sample clips that showcase the type of editing involved when adding on a full day edit, a highlight video, or both. The clips below begin with sample highlights of the day, then showcase other edited portions of the day that you would find in a full day edit such as getting ready, pre-ceremony, photo shoot, cocktail hour, etc.

Highlight of the Day

Since our very first wedding video our highlights of the day have been our signature piece. These beautifully edited highlights retell the amazing stories of our couples in a fun and romantic way. If added, these highlights are included on the final DVD and also uploaded online allowing our couples to easily share their day with family and friends. Each highlight is customized to match the couples’ personalities and embrace the atmosphere that was their wedding day. Each and every clip in the piece receives a custom film look that is applied to create a cinematic feel to enhance the emotion and craftsmanship.

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ABOVE: The above example is a highlight produced from a wedding that included one full day videographer and one additional half-day videographer. This allowed for dual coverage during the pre-ceremony events and two camera angles during the ceremony.

BELOW: Below is an example of a highlight video added on to a single camera package.

Full Day Editing

Our standard videography service includes production of your day and editing of your entire day. Your actual ceremony and reception events will play out on your DVD in their entirety as they occur, while certain portions of your day will be edited to a music montage style. Examples of these portions may include bride getting ready, pre-ceremony coverage at the church, photo shoot session after the ceremony, and cocktail hour. These montages are woven into your edited DVD to enhance to overall presentation.

Below are several examples of montages of these wedding day moments.

Bride Getting Ready Montage

Pre-Ceremony Montage

Post-Ceremony Photo Shoot

Cocktail Hour Montage

Other Helpful Sample Clips

The Vows

We wanted to include this sample clip to highlight the sound quality our couples receive from the wireless lapel mic worn by the groom. Additionally you can also see the value of adding a second camera for your ceremony.

End of Night Shot

Near the end of the reception we love to see if our couples would like to get away for a few moments and get a few more romantic shots before the night is over. It’s a great way to wrap up the final DVD.