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About Our Service & Style

FineLine Weddings is the preimer provider of high quality wedding videography throughout southwest PA and beyond. We’ve been providing couples with timeless masterpieces since 2003. Our award winning video team specalizes in capturing your day in a beautiful, candid style of videography that is unobtrusive to you and your guests while still preserving the beauty and emotion of your day. We pride ourselves in our superior work and artistry and look forward to providing your family with a video that will exceed your wildest dreams.


“I just wanted to than you all for your professionalism. My wedding party didn’t even know you were there! Then, just a few weeks later, we watched the most beautiful wedding video. We are thrilled with the work and the quality. I will certainly be passing your name along as more of my friends say, “I DO.” Thank you for preserving our memories forever!” – Lindsay & Chad

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Available Discounts


  • If you are inquiring less than 2 weeks before your event, additional fees may apply for last minute bookings.

Video Lover’s Package – $3395

If a beautiful, artistic video is a priority for your day, then consider our Cinematic Video Lover’s Package. This package includes everything in our standard videography service, plus a second videographer equipped with a cinematic DSLR video kit. This mix of traditional and cinematic video ensures that your day can capture events in a full-length style with great audio, as well as combining modern video technology to add those beautiful, motion picture style shots to your day with beautiful depth of field. Because of the quantity and quality of the coverage, the editing includes the standard full length DVD with multi-cam editing as well as an artistic 8 – 12 minute highlight version of your day.

Package includes everything in Standard Videography service plus:

  • 1 Additional Cinematic Videographer equipped with 1 DSLR video kit
  • 8 – 12 minute cinematic, highlight of your day

Standard Videography Service – $1750

No bride has ever regretted her decision to capture her day on video, however many brides regret NOT making that decision. 

  • 1 Lead Videographer
  • 1080 High Definition Production - Video is produced and edited in 1080 HD. Final edited day burned to 1 blu-ray and 2 DVDs.
  • Full Day Coverage - Coverage typically begins about 2 hours prior to the ceremony start time, includes coverage between ceremony and reception, and guarantees production through all major reception events at minimum
  • Up to 4 Locations - ex: bride getting ready, ceremony site, photo shoot site, and reception site
  • Backup Equipment - 1 back-up video camera
  • Full Day Edit - All the footage from your day will be edited and woven into a 90 – 120 minute re-telling of your day. Major events like the ceremony and main reception events will unfold as they naturally occurred. Portions of the day such as getting ready, pre-ceremony, photo shoot, and cocktail hour will be beautiflly edited into musical montages (view samples here)
  • 1 Raw Footage DVD - Bride and groom will receive 1 additional DVD of raw footage to enjoy reliving portions of the day that are usually edited heavily in the main DVD ( ex: getting ready, pre-ceremony, post-ceremony, photo shoot, cocktail hour, dancing )
  • 2 Wireless Mics for Ceremony - (learn more via mini-vid) one mic on the groom + one mic at podium for readings / homily
  • 1 Wireless Mic for Reception - (learn more via mini-vid) used to capture amazing sound of your introductions, announcements, toasts, and music
  • Chapter Markers and Menu Navigation - Discs will include chapter markers and menus for organizaing your footage and allowing for an easy and navigitable viewing experience.
  • 8 Week Guarantee - (learn more via mini-vid) Although we typically average 3-4 weeks for turn-around time during peak season (less during off-season), we guarantee in the contract that we will have completed post-production within 8 weeks from the wedding date. We have never missed a deadline, but we do guarantee a payment to you of $50 for each week past the 8 week dealine.
  • Weekly Updates On Your Project - Every Friday after your wedding you will receive an email from staff updating you on the progress of your project and letting you know how much longer we expect it to take until everything is ready for delivery. Unlike other companies, we won’t leave you wondering how long it’ll be until you get to see your photos and/or video.
  • Up to 50 miles travel (100 miles round trip) - No travel charges for weddings / receptions within a 50 mile radius of our Greensburg office. Travel charges beyond this range are charged at whatever the current IRS travel rate is per mile (ex: $0.50 per mile)

Basic Videography Service – $1350

  • 1 Lead Videographer
  • Standard Definition Production – Video is produced and edited in standard definition. Final edited footage burned to 1 DVD.
  • Limited Coverage - Coverage is limited to the ceremony and first 3 hours of the reception. Ceremony coverage begins with the start of the ceremony (procession) and concludes when the ceremony ends (recession). Production re-starts with start of actual reception ( typically introduction of bridal party ) and concludes 3 hours later. Coverage of reception is limited to events and dancing.
  • Up to 2 Locations - ex: ceremony and reception site only
  • Backup Equipment - 1 back-up video camera
  • Up to 50 miles travel (100 miles round trip) - No travel charges for weddings / receptions within a 50 mile radius of our Greensburg office. Travel charges beyond this range are charged at whatever the current IRS travel rate is per mile (ex: $0.50 per mile)

A La Carte Videography Add-Ons

  • LIVE Online Streaming - [ VIEW DETAILS AND PRICING ] stream your wedding and reception events live online for friends and family who can’t make it to your event.
  • Video Hosting - [ VIEW DETAILS AND PRICING ] after the wedding, we can host your full-length wedding video online in a password protected format that you can share with friends and family members who may want to relive the event or for those who weren’t able to make it.
  • Additional Blu-Ray sets $30 - cost for each additional two-disc blu-ray set
  • Additional DVD sets $20 - cost for each additional two-disc dvd set
  • Highlight of the Day Video $250 - (for standard service only) As an additional feature on your blu-ray and/or dvd, footage of your entire day will be edited into one artistic and creative video, retelling the unique story of your day. Highlights are typically between 3.5 – 5 minutes in length and edited to a single music selection – often the couple’s first dance song if appropriate. Note that highlights can benefit from the additional coverage made possible with second videographers (view samples here)
  • 2nd Videographer $100/hr – (minimum 4 hour booking) - Add flexibility to have one videographer with the girls and one with the guys before the ceremony, or ensure better coverage during your live-event ceremony. A second camera at the ceremony allows for an additional angle, more interesting shot selection, safer coverage of each moment of the ceremony, and even provides backup sound. You can also decide to utilize two videographers after the ceremony to have one cover the excitement of the photo session while one travels to the reception hall to capture decorations, details, and coverage of your guests enjoying cocktail hour. Price includes travel up to 70 miles round trip from our greensburg office, production & equipment, and additional editing of your ceremony as a 2 camera shoot

Traditional vs. Cinematic

TRADITIONAL – Traditional videography is the style of video production most people are familiar with. When compared to Cinematic DSLR videography the benefits include ( but are not limited to ):

  • Ability to zoom
  • Ability to handle multiple inputs of sound ( great for wireless mic use )
  • Increased ability to shoot handheld
  • Longer duration when recording video clips
  • Better for traditional expectations of watching an event like a ceremony from start to finish

CINEMATIC – Cinematic videography is the language we’ve chosen for DSLR video production, which is more modern and gaining popularity due to a more desired look. DSLR cameras are the same cameras photographers use to do photographs, but utilized to shoot video instead. When compared to traditional videography the benefits include ( but are not limited to ):

  • Greater imagery due to photographic lenses and sensors versus video lens and sensor
  • Ability to use multiple lenses rather than a fixed lens
  • Ability to achieve beautiful low depth of field ( subject in focus with background out of focus ) due to ability to use various photographic lenses
  • Ability to work with equipment designed for cinematic DLSR production for tracking or walking shots
  • Better for more artistic expectations of having prettier and greater variety of shots to tell a story of your day