Wedding DJ Pricing

Our starting price is designed to give couples the most important items plus some great extras including up to 5 hours of music, premium Bose sound system, dance floor lighting, and wireless mic for announcements and toasts. Many of our couples get everything they need from this package, while others decide to add on additional hours or accent / uplighting.

Best of the Knot – 2013

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Multiple Service Discounts

Our multiple service discount rewards our couples for choosing FineLine to handle multiple aspects of their important day. Not only does booking multiple services with one company make planning your day easier, but you also save by discounting your services as well as any add-ons.

Multiple service discounts are awarded when selecting multiple main services. Our main services include photography, video, DJ, and photo booth. Choosing an ‘economy’ package does not qualify towards a multiple service discount.

  • Book 2 Main Services – Save 5% off your entire contract
  • Book 3 Main Services – Save 10% off your entire contract
  • Book 4 Main Services – Save 15% off your entire contract

Other Discounts

  • Non-Saturday dates – contact us for quote
  • Off-Season date ( Jan., Feb., Mar., Nov., Dec., and parts of April ) – contact us for quote
  • Bookings within 90 days – contact us for quote

Standard DJ Service – $1199

*booking requires a 15% retainer and signed contract

  • Up to 5 hours of music - This typically covers cocktail hour plus 4 reception hours. Additional hours available. See add-on pricing below.
  • Setup time - Our starting price includes arrival of our DJ team of up to 2 hours prior to the music start time in order to setup and prepare for your reception.
  • Lead MC w/ Assistant DJ - Our DJ service is a two person team consisting of your lead Master of Ceremonies (or MC) and your Assistant DJ. (Read more about the benefities of a 2 person DJ crew below).
  • Premium Bose Soundsystem - Our DJ service features the Bose L1 sound system. This sleek sound system will fill your hall with high quality bose sound. (Read more about the benefits of the Bose L1 sound system below).
  • Standard dance floor lighting - service includes dance floor lighting with multiple sound activated ( move to the music ) LED lights.
  • Digital Music Library - Our digital music library includes over 140,000 songs and is updated monthly with today’s hits. If you elect to allow your guests to make requests, we shouldn’t have any issue taking requests!
  • Wireless Microphone - Includes 1 wireless microphone that will free up your MC to make announcements from anywhere in the room and allows for any welcomes, toasts, and blessings to be conducted away from the DJ station.
  • Planning Materials – After booking, you’ll gain access to our client planning area where you can download DJ Dave’s planning form and also utilize our helpful planning articles for making your night a success. Your planning form gives you the opportunity to structure the flow of your events and make your music requests for events and dancing.
  • Entertainment Options – After booking, our wedding couples will be able to review multiple dinner-tainment and dance floor entertainment options in the client section of our site that they can decide to add to their evening. The entertainment options help provide ways to break the ice  with the guests by getting them involved in the evening as well as having the DJs interact with the dance floor.
  • Back-up Equipment - Backup equipment includes 1 self-amplified speaker to backup Bose L1 system, 1 backup digital music drive, 1 backup laptop, 1 backup audio mixer, 1 backup wired microphone, and backup cabling.
  • Up to 35 miles travel (70 miles round trip) - For events further than 35 miles from our Greensburg office, a travel fee of $1.50 per mile will be added to account for travel to and from the event.

Benefits of 2 Person DJ Crew

  • Role of your MC - At the reception, your MC will be responsible for directing the flow of the evening and making sure your events are running close to your timeline plan. The MC will handle all the important announcements and keep your events flowing smoothly. The MC will also be available to discuss any important details with bride & groom, parents, bridal party, reception hall staff, and your other vendors (photographer, videographer, photo booth attendee, etc.).
  • Role of your Assistant DJ - Your assistant DJ is there to assist the MC and oversee the music and lighting. With the assitant DJ handling the responsibilities at the DJ station this essentially frees your MC to handle all of their responsibilities.
  • No Vacant DJ Station - the plan is for a member of the FineLine DJ team to always be present at the DJ station (even if one needs to use the restroom or locate the bride & groom in another room).

Benefits of Bose L1 Sound System

Spatial Dispersion Technology - Unlike traditional speakers that require higher volume to fill your room, the Bose L1 features spatial dispersion technology. What does this mean for you and your guests? WIth the Bose L1 system your music will fill the space in a more efficient manner without having to resort to excessive volume. With traditional speaker systems, DJs will often blast the music to reach further away from the DJ station which can be uncomfortable for guests seated close to the DJ station.

DJ Add-Ons

  • Additional Hours of Music - $50 per additional requested half-hour (no discounts apply to this cost)
  • Additional Setup Time - $25 per additional half-hour may apply if the logistics of your reception venue requires the DJ crew to arrive earlier than the standard 2 hour setup window. (no discounts apply to this cost)
  • Uplighting - click here to view our uplighting page
  • Need music in room seperate from reception ballroom - $125 includes setup of additional speaker system in cocktail hour room. Cocktail hour music will be pre-loaded onto digital library for this system.
  • Monogram - click here to view our monogram page
  • Projector / screen rental - $150 includes projector, screen, DVD player, power cabling, and audio cabling to run sound to your DJ. Want to run a slideshow photo montage? Scroll down to our MORE FUN IDEAS section below.
  • Ceremony sound system - $300 includes ceremony sound setup at same location as your reception. If your ceremony will be at another location other than your reception, an additional traveling fee will apply. Price includes speakers, wireless mic, mic stand, mixer, and laptop to play your provided music. All ceremony music required to play during your ceremony MUST be provided to FineLine prior to the event.

Important DJ Notes

  • Planning Your Event - After contracting with FineLine Weddings you will receive your DJ planning form (along with planning forms for any other FineLine services such as photo, video, photobooth). This planning form is due back at our office no less than 2 weeks prior to your wedding, though we encourage you to submit it sooner. You will also receive access to our helpful planning page which will give you ideas for planning a successful reception as well as ideas on top requested songs for events and dancing. Once your planning form has been submitted, a member of the FineLine office staff will contact you to do a “first check” of your reception plans and requests. (You can also schedule an office visit with our office staff during regular business hours for help planning your event) Once this planning form is complete, it will be submitted to your lead MC and the FineLine office staff will begin compiling your music playlists. At this time your lead MC can contact you for a final review of the evening’s plans (this is done at your request).
  • Bride & Groom Music Requests - Any obscure songs requested by the bride and groom will be the responsibility of the bride and groom. These songs MUST be submitted to FineLine by the planning form deadline before the wedding.
  • Setup of lights - Our standard DJ service includes our standard dance floor lighting. However, there are some venues that cannot accomodate dance floor lighting because of the size or layout of the venue. No discount or refund on lighting will be available in these situations as the lighting is simply included in the price and not an additional add-on.
  • Monogram - Our service includes the setup and projection of our standard wedding monogram design or your separately purchased custom design (we will provide you with information for ordering a custom design). The projector can be mounted onto our dance floor lighting stand, although we also bring a separate stand to use if neccesary to showcase your monogram in a specific spot. Please note that the actual size of the monogram depends on the distance between the projector and the projection surface (dance floor or wall). Most monograms are usually displayed on the dance floor or a wall (most often behind the head table).
  • Adding hours the night of reception - If couple wishes to extend the party and add on hours the night of the reception a fee of $50 per half hour MUST be given to the FineLine DJ staff on site before the hours can be extended. This payment MUST be in the form of cash or check only.