Uplighting has become an important part of the reception. Uplights are indivdiual LED lights that shine vibrant, colorful lights vertically along walls, pillars, and columns adding accent colors to your overall environment. A great way to bring life and personality to your reception space.

About FineLine’s Uplighting

It is extremely important to know that not all uplighting systems are the same. Some wedding companies and DJs that provide uplighting, only use simple, inexpensive white lights and tape on color filter paper to project color. In these cases, a couple’s choice of color is very limited. FineLine uses hi-tech uplights that give a wide variety of color options, bright LED lights, and a very unique system of wireless capabilities.

Additionally, our uplights are LED, which means they won’t get hot and present a safety hazard to anyone ( especially children ) who may bump into our touch one of our lights.

Wirless and Battery Powered

Most wedding companies provide uplighting systems that require extensive wiring throughout your reception venue. Not only must their lights be individually powered with outlets around your event room, but the lights must all be wired together with a control cable running all the way back to the DJ station. All this wiring prevents many issues… it requires additional setup time costing clients more money, it requires the event room to have accessible outlets along every wall, and it requires wires all throughout the room adding the potential that a guest may trip.

Our uplights are wireless and battery powered. At full charge, our uplights are designed to last 6 – 8 hours on battery power, perfect for any reception. Because of this, our uplights do not have to be near to or plugged into any outlets. They’re also controlled wirelessly, so no control cables to have to run around the room. Not only are our uplights safer, but they can also go anywhere. Because nothing needs to be wired, there’s greater flexibility in where the lights can be placed.

Uplighting Prices (as add-on to DJ service)

  • $210 for 6 uplights ( $35 per light ) – ideal for accenting a single wall or space (typically the wall behind the bridal party table)
  • $348 for 12 uplights ( $29 per light ) – ideal for accenting multiple walls of a small – average size ballroom
  • $486 for 18 uplights ( $27 per light ) – ideal for accenting multiple walls of a average size ballroom
  • $575 for 24 uplights ( $24 per light ) – ideal for complete accenting of a larger ballroom

*If you desire uplighting but you are not getting our DJ service, contact us for pricing. An additional fee of up to $150 may apply depending on date and location.


  • Multi-Service Discount – save 5% – 15% off your total when booking multiple main services ( photo, video, DJ, photo booth )
  • Non-Saturday dates – contact us for quote
  • Off-Season date ( Jan., Feb., Mar., Nov., Dec., and parts of April ) – contact us for quote
  • Bookings within 90 days – contact us for quote
  • Limited Basic and Economy packages available ( must inquire )

Sample Uplighting Photos

Click the image below or use the link to view more recent samples in our Flickr account.

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greensburg wedding reception lighting

Sample Uplighting Videos

The video below is a demo video on the features of our uplights.

The video below is a recording of our uplights in color fade mode at Bella Sera in Canonsburg PA.