Photo Slideshow Montage

What is a Video Montage Wedding Slideshow

A video montage is a short video that tells your unique story through photographs or video clips. The video montage wedding slideshow continues to be one of the most popular requests for a wedding event. FineLine Weddings can produce video montages based off photographs that can be added to your Wedding Video DVD or displayed at your wedding reception.

There are several types of video montage wedding slideshows that we offer. Please enjoy the samples below.

The Engagement Video Montage

The ‘Engagement’ Video Montage is usually assembled during the engagement period prior to the actual wedding. FineLine Weddings can assemble the engagement video montage in several ways including photos of the bride and groom growing up in addition to photos of the couple dating and/or the engagement session photographs.

Let FineLine create a DVD Slideshow of your favorite photographs set to the music of your choice. Your photographs will come alive on the screen with modern transitions and effects all matched to the tempo and beat of your songs. PRICING:

  • $50 for one song, $65 for two songs, $75 for 3 songs (plus tax)
  • Images must be delivered digitally (additional fee if scanning is necessary – $0.50 per photo)
  • $5 shipping fee if you need us to ship your final dvd to you if you cannot pick up at our office


  • We recommend approximately 20 photos per minute. EX: A 3 minute song should have around 60 photos
  • Too many photos causes them to move by too quickly. Too few means it will move too slow.
  • Regardless of length of song, we recommend no more than 70 photos per song.


  • Couples that do 3 songs may have the first song show photos of the bride growing up, the second song show photos of the groom growing up, and the third song show photos of the couple dating.
  • Couples that do 2 songs may have 1 song of the bride, and 1 song of the groom OR 1 song of the bride and groom separate and 1 song of the bride and groom together.
  • Couples that do 1 song often just have photos of themselves dating.
  • We STRONGLY recommend thinking about the length of time you will be stopping your reception and asking guests to view your slideshow before automatically doing 3 songs. Most of our couples initially go for the 3 song version, however in our experience having your guests sit quietly for 10 straight minutes of watching photos can seem like a very long time.

Here’s just one example of Laura & Jay’s Video Montage assembled with photographs during their dating years.