Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are a great way to get friends and family excited about your upcoming wedding and can also be a vital part of sending out save the dates. Many couples also utilize their photos at their reception including our guest signature books or boards.

Your engagement session can be at any place of your choosing. Final price simply depends on travel required. On this page you will find information on some of our standard shooting locations, but please do not feel limited to these locations as we do many shoots in unique areas selected by our couple.

Types of Sessions & Pricing

Standard Session

  • $300
  • 60 – 90 minutes
  • Locations up to 20 miles from our studio ( $2.25 each additional mile )

Standard Sessions in Downtown Pittsburgh

  • $350 ( additional cost covers additional travel, tolls, and parking costs )
  • 60 – 90 minutes

Mini-Studio Sessions

  • $100
  • Up to 30 minutes

Mini-Greensburg Sessions

  • $150
  • Up to 45 minutes
  • Locations in downtown Greensburg within walking distance of our studio

Winter Sessions

  • $200
  • Up to 45 minutes
  • Locations up to 15 miles from our studio ( $2.25 each additional mile )

What’s Included

  • Photographer’s time and talent for shooting and editing
  • CD with hi-res images and print release (shipping of CD included)
  • Collection of web ready images, selected by photographer and watermarked, for you to post online
  • Online password protected photo gallery to share with friends and family (prints can also be purchased from photo gallery if desired)


Standard Locations

The following are samples from our most common shoot locations:

greensburg pa twin lakes engagement session
Twin Lakes
latrobe pa engagement session
Saint Vincent /
ligonier pa engagement session
linn run engagement session
Linn Run
State park
downtown pittsburgh engagement session

Helpful Information

When to Schedule – Typically we recommend inquiring to schedule your engagement session about a month prior to when you’d like to do your session. Keep in mind our busiest times of the year are Spring ( April ) and Autumn ( October ). If you’re looking to do your session in April or October, we recommend contacting us up to two months in advance.

Where to Shoot – We will shoot in a variety of locations and can recommend areas in addition to our standard locations. Couples often have unique locations of their own such as private residences or other ideas.

Best Time of Day – During spring, summer, and autumn we typically prefer to begin the session about 90 minutes prior to sunset for ideal lighting.

Less than Ideal Weather – Chances of rain greater than 40%, wind over 10mph, or winter temperatures lower than 35 degrees are examples of less than ideal weather conditions.

When Not To Shoot Outdoors – In addition to considering our less than ideal weather conditions, once all the leaves have fallen from the trees, outdoor sessions are not suggested during winter months with the exception of days where plenty of snow is on the ground and produces a winter look. Otherwise, the landscape is just cold and gray and everything looks dead.

Re-Scheduling – If weather looks to be uncooperative for the day we had chose or if other circumstances arise, it is no big deal to re-schedule the session. Keep in mind that during our busy months, we may be limited on how many days are still available.

What to Wear – First we always suggest to dress comfortably. It is important that you do not feel restricted in your clothes. We also recommend not dressing up too fancy for outdoor shoots to the point where you would be against such things as leaning on a tree, sitting on the ground, etc. Earth tone colors are great. Do not wear clothes that appear to be busy and distracting.

Multiple Outfits – It is OK to bring more than 1 outfit, though not required. The majority of our couples only wear one outfit, though many do bring a second outfit. There are no promises that we’ll be in an area where there is somewhere you can change in private. Sometimes couples have to change in their car.

Props – We do not bring props because we do not want everyone’s shoots to look the same. It is OK to bring props, though not required. Only thing we suggest is not to bring too many props that makes it a hassle to keep carrying a lot of props along during the shoot.

Ideas for Photos – If you have your own ideas for photos, please feel free to let us know during the shoot. Couples sometimes print off photos they found online. This is OK but not required. We do NOT re-create shots by other photographers. We’ll view what you brought as inspiration to get an idea of the types of photos you like.