Precautions To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters!

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Everyone knows or has heard of those wedding day disasters that happen to other people, so how do you avoid them??  Fineline has addressed that problem by asking the professionals to examine how to avoid those wedding day disasters!

Caution!! Need To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters?

The Following Advice Is How To Have No Disasters:

Ideas for avoiding disasters from Erin Calvimontes at Divine Celebrations:

  • Hire a professional wedding planner for full service!!!
  • If they choose not to hire one for full service, they can Hire a professional wedding planner for Month of Service. This will minimize what can go wrong because someone else is watching over your carefully planned wedding.
  • If a wedding planner is not an option, ALWAYS have an advocate come with you to your vendor meetings other than your fiancé. Someone who can stay level headed and asks important questions with you and someone you can trust has similar tastes and opinions to yours.
  • COMMUNICATE!! COMMUNICATE!! COMMUNICATE!! With all your vendors and venue. The littlest detail left out can make a large impact on your day.
  • Delegate a few very responsible friends or family members, preferable NOT in the bridal party, to help with the day of tasks.

You can reach Erin Calvimontes from Divine Celebrations at

Ideas for avoiding disasters from Summer Schmitt at Simply Perfect Weddings:

For avoiding wedding day disasters, good planning is an absolute must. You can start off on the right track by hiring a full service wedding planner who will guide you through the wedding planning process from start to finish. Or, at the very least, hiring a day-of coordinator can help immensely in avoiding wedding day “disasters”. There are several key components that can aid in avoiding wedding day disasters. If you choose to hire a wedding planner, he/she will help you with these items:

  • Hire quality, professional vendors – research, research, research!
  • Prepare a solid, well-thought-out wedding day timeline (including a transportation itinerary for your limo driver), and send to all of your vendors at least 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding.
  • Confirm all of your vendor arrival/delivery times the week prior. This includes giving them day-of contact information and addresses/directions to the wedding venue (this is absolutely essential so each vendor knows where to be and when).
  • Bring a wedding day emergency kit – stock it full of essential beauty and personal hygiene items (including a sewing kit and stain removal aids).
  • Have a back up location if any part of your wedding will be held outdoors.

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Ideas for avoiding disasters from Brenda at Wedding Wishes:

I have 3 very strong recommendations:

  • Hire a Wedding Planner
  • Hire a Wedding Planner
  • Hire a Wedding Planner

Yes this sounds bias, however, the best way to avoid a disaster is to plan for the best outcome. An experienced planner has lived through their early career days and I’m sure we could write a book about all the oddities and problems that have occurred and been solved along the way. And that is the key! These problems and issues have been addressed and your planner will know and counsel you on things to avoid. One major example: A bride with 400 guests wanted to do food stations. Okay, great idea, but to have only one of a kind station that has a popular item such as sushi, will cause what we might call a tidal wave of guests in one space. So the planner adjusts the display as one for the cocktail hour and includes at least 3 stations of this type to avoid guests waiting in a long lines. This is only one example of how a planner can see it coming before it gets there and uses their skills, talents and well thought out plans to help you and your guests have a wonderful time at your wedding!

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Now you have all the best ways to avoid wedding day disasters!! These experts know there information and their advice is key to creating the best wedding day possible for you, your family and friends! All these tips will help avoid those disasters that no bride wants to have on her special day!

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