Getting Your Monogram Design

monogram dj light design pittsburgh

If you have chosen to add our Monogram service, your next step is to purchase your custom monogram design – which is referred to as a ‘gobo’.

There are two types of gobs, metal and glass. Although they cost a little more, we recommend only using the glass gobo designs. Most metal gobo designs require a larger gobo size than our monogram projector allows, so you will be limited in your selections. Additionally, the glass designs are much cleaner and smoother as many metal designs require more of a jagged edge.

There are many online gobo design sites on the internet, but we recommend using

Below is the direct link to gobosource’s glass wedding gobo design catalog.

GoboSource – Glass Wedding Gobo Designs, Online Catalog

GoboSource – Metal Wedding Gobo Designs, Online Catalog

METAL GOBO COST: approx. $79

GLASS GOBO COST: approx. $109

Note: If getting a metal gobo, the gobo must allow a design smaller than 24mm


1. Use the above link to browse gobosource’s online glass wedding catalog

2. Choose your design

3. Enter the correct gobo size. In the drop-down menu, you need to select:

ADJ – Goboprojector LED OD26.8mm, ID24mm

4. Enter information for additional required fields.

5. In the need latest by date, please try to have your gobo at least 1 month prior to your wedding date. We ask that you get us the gobo 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. If you’d like, you can have the gobo shipped directly to us at:

FineLine Weddings
138 S. Main St.
Greensburg, PA 15601

6. After getting your gobo, simply let us know that you purchased one. If you’re having it shipped directly to us, please make sure to tell us this information as well.

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